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The Kitchen has an area of approximately 15 sq m.  Equipped with a double sink, copious amounts of workspace and a range of equipment.  These include a cooker, refrigerator, dishwasher. microwave, 'bain marie' food warmer and a large water heater for the preparation of hot beverages.  There is also a large supply of crockery and cutlery.  The Hirer would be responsible for the correct and safe use of the equipment and for adhering to any regulations for the safe preparation of food.

Lighting is by fluorescent ceiling lights.  A Fire Extinguisher and a Fire Blanket are provided.

Emergency egress is via a door through a store room to the lawn at the side of the Hall or via the Foyer.

(Please note that use of the cooker, dishwasher and crockery would be subject to additional hire charges.)

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