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Bar / Meeting Room

The Bar and Meeting Room has an area of approximately 29 sq m with a further 7 sq m for serving staff.

A sink is provided for the washing of glasses, etc, and there is a refrigerator and adequate shelving for drinks.

The majority of the floor is carpeted whilst the remainder has vinyl flooring adjacent to and behind the bar for ease of cleaning.  A comfortable upholstered bench is located across one end of the room and a number of sturdy tables and chairs can be positioned according to requirements.  

There are a selection of 240v power points around the walls.  Lighting is by ceiling or wall lights as required.    Heating is by ceiling and wall-mounted fan heaters.

Emergency egress is via a door direct to the lawn at the side of the Hall.

Hall Gen-5000622.jpg
Hall Gen-5000611.jpg
Hall Gen-5000617.jpg
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